TruPace Bikes

TruPace offers two exercise bike models. One caters to users that prefer the upright design and the other prefers to users that prefer the recumbent design. Both are affordable fitness machines that provide good value.

The TruPace V320 is an exercise bike with an upright frame. Choose this model if you are intending to train, as it will allow you to better simulate outdoor rides. The upright frame found on the TruPace V320 makes it easier for you to stand up and exert more energy in your workout sessions.

In the TruPace V330 you'll find a semi-recumbent frame. This design is more of a recent engineering development and has found popularity among the more casual workout enthusiasts. The TruPace V330 will provide you with a more ergonomic cycling position, making your workouts a little be more comfortable and less taxing on your body.

Top-Selling Models

TruPace V320 Exercise Bike
Upright Design

TruPace V330 Exercise Bike
Semi-Recumbent Design