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Description: ProForm 215 CSX Exercise Bike

Experience a myriad of exciting workout experiences from the iFit Live Technology of the ProForm 215 CSX Exercise Bike. The iFit Live technology provides you with terrain workouts powered by Google Maps. You get to bike on terrains anywhere in the world recreated by Google Maps while the 215 CSX automatically adjusting its speed and incline to match the terrain. You can also participate in 5K races to full marathons and get 8 weeks of workouts coached by the interactive voice of Jillian Michaels with workout cards that automatically adjust the resistance of the 215 CSX Exercise Bike and crafted by Certified Personal Trainers guaranteeing you proven and optimal results every time. iFit Live also lets you customize your own fitness program, receiving automatic workout downloads and managing your profile online.

Others features iFit Live offers is the ability to compare your time, track your nutrition, exercise and fitness at iFit.com. The ProForm 215 CSX Exercise Bike has 16 Built-In Workouts that aids you in attaining all your specific workout goals. These programs automatically adjust the resistance of the exercise bike for increased intensity so all you need is to press start and begin.

The ProForm 215 CSX Exercise Bike has a unique Freewheel Clutch that is added to simulate an outdoor cycling experience. With the freewheel clutch, the circular motion is smooth and natural. The clutch allows you to hold your form and pedaling technique just like you would on your outdoor cycle.

ProForm 215 CSX Exercise Bike Features:
  • Dual-Grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor
  • Adjustable, Non-Slip Handlebars
  • Grafixx Display
  • iFit Live Technology Compatible
  • Power Output Indicator
  • 16 Built-In Workouts
  • Compatible Music Port for iPod
  • Freewheel Clutch

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